'NutraFX Turf'
SRP: $32. per quart (litre)

'NutraFX Turf™' is an economical and safe alternative for increasing turf growth, root development and rapid greening without sacrificing safety.

Applying 'NutraFX Turf™' to grass, be it small lawns to golf courses, or to soil for gardens, or crop production, the results are quite visible.

'NutraFX Turf™' has a broad range of activity which permits maximum productivity under the most severe growing conditions and stresses of modern and intensive golf course maintenance practices.

'NutraFX Turf™' may be injected directly through your irrigation system in the pump house with a simple installation reducing the need for labour intensive manual applications.


Broadcast Spray Fairways and Lawns:
Initial: 3 litres per acre per month
Additional: 1 litre per acre per month

Injection System:
Initial: 3 litres per acre per month
Additional: 1 litre per acre per month

Mix concentrate well before use.

Stability: Up to 2 years under normal conditions.

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US customers:

32.00 USD / quart (litre)

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'NutraFX Composting'
SRP: $57. per kg

'NutraFX Composting™' provides you with a safe, natural and economical method of treating wastes and controlling odours, ammonia and H2S gases. 'NutraFX Composting™' contains non pathogenic live bacterial strains and enzymes which are selectively adapted to digest complex and non-biodegradable compounds such as detergents, fats, fibers, oils, grease, phenols, proteins etc.

Use in stalls with mats or sand and alleys with scrapers. Apply in stall area to equal ½ distance from gutter or alley to the neck curb or lunge rail. Lactating cows, dry cows, heifers in late pregnancy: 8.5 grams of 'NutraFX Composting™' per adult animal stall, once per week.

This product is an extremely fine particle and may cause irritation to skin and lungs. A protective mask is recommended when using this product.

For optimal activity over longest storage time, keep in dry warehouse under 45°c. Shelf life under these conditions estimated to be one year.

The Organisms in our 'NutraFX Composting™' comply with: The Canadian - DSL list, and Class 1, non pathogenic, non mutating spore form / spore forming organisms of the bacillus family, In Asia, Australia, Europe, USA and most other countries.

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'NutraFX Composting™' vous fournit une méthode sûre, naturelle et économique de traitement des déchets, le contrôle des odeurs, d'ammoniac et de gaz H2S. \NutraFX Composting™' contient non pathogènes vivants souches bactériennes et des enzymes qui sont sélectivement adaptées à digérer des composés complexes et non-biodégradables tels que les détergents, graisses, fibres, huiles, graisses, de phénols, protéines, etc.

Utiliser dans des stalles de nattes ou de sable et les ruelles avec racleurs. Appliquer dans la zone de décrochage à l'égalité ½ distance de gouttière ou ruelle de la bordure du cou ou le rail fente. Les vaches en lactation, les vaches taries, les génisses en fin de grossesse: 8,5 grammes de 'NutraFX Composting™' par décrochage des animaux adultes, une fois par semaine.

Ce produit est une particule très fine et peut provoquer une irritation de la peau et les poumons. Un masque de protection est recommandé.

Pour une activité optimale dans le temps le plus long de stockage, gardez à l'entrepôt sec de moins de 45 ° C. Durée de conservation dans ces conditions, estimée à un an.

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