Nutra-Fix is pleased to announce our latest addition to our product line, *NutraFX Nutra-Culture™, a newly designed automated fodder wheel that grows sprouts from seed to feed in six days.

How it works:

The wheel system provides light and water on a timer system. As needed, and as each rack cycles past the watering system, it is automatically irrigated with temperature-controlled, treated water.

Each day, the most mature racks are emptied from the end of the wheel at the desired height and tilt of the person emptying the racks, and then new seeds are added.

Each rack holds between 6 and 7-1/2 pounds of barley seed that will yield 60 to 75 pounds of fodder on day six. With a total of 16 racks, the total yeild is 800 to 1,200 pounds per day. (Variance is due to seed quality, consistency and environmental controls.)

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NutraFX Nutra-Culture Fodder Wheels (double unit)


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